Tesla is recalling over 2 million vehicles in the US to address issues with Autopilot that could increase crash risk if misused. A software update will add alerts and limits.

150K electric vehicles registered in Washington, with Tesla the most popular brand. Recall impacts a large number of WA drivers.

Vehicles are still safe to drive, but "increased risk of collision" if Autopilot misused. Update will add more controls and alerts.

Recall includes a software update to Autopilot in Tesla models Y, S, 3 and X built since 2012. Expected to start being sent to vehicles soon.

Update will add more alerts and checks to encourage drivers to pay attention and keep hands on wheel when Autopilot engaged.

Autosteer feature of Autopilot provides steering and braking/acceleration support but requires a fully attentive driver ready to take over.

Recall termed as such even though no need to physically take vehicles in since it addresses safety risk and remedies via software update.

Recall follows NHTSA investigation finding Autopilot's method of ensuring driver attention can be inadequate, leading to misuse.

Investigation reviewed crashes with 17 deaths where Autopilot initially believed to be in use.

Drivers can check if their Tesla is included using the VIN Recall Search tool on Tesla's website.