Fix My Speaker

Oops, you accidentally dropped your phone in the toilet, sink, or pool! Don’t worry, here’s how you can eject water from your phone’s speakers after it gets wet.

Sound 1 (4 minutes)

Play the sound at least for 4 minutes

Sound 2 (9 minutes)

Tap or click the button above to eject water and dust

Play the sound at least for 9 minutes

How Fix My Speaker Works?

Did your phone accidentally fall into the toilet, sink, or pool? When water gets into the speaker of your phone, the sound becomes unclear. Leaving any kind of liquid in your speaker can cause serious damage when it dries up.

Fix my speaker

With the Fix My Speakers web app, getting rid of water that’s trapped in your smartphone speakers is easy. All you have to do is tap on the Eject Water button, and the web app will play a series of tones that will clear out any remaining water. After that, your Android or iPhone will work just as it should. You can use the web tool not only to eject water but also to clean your speaker’s dust.

Similar to the built-in water ejection feature in the Apple watch, it works by emitting a particular sound that creates sound waves that push out the water.

What Is Fix My Speaker

Fix My Speaker is a web app tool that can help you fix the speaker on your smartphone by playing at an ultra-low frequency of 165Hz. You can simply fix your phone’s speaker by visiting the official website and there are two buttons to eject and remove the dust particles from your phone’s speaker, you have to play the sound at least for 4 minutes to fix your speaker.

Eject Water and Dust from Your Phone’s Speaker

You can use this sound to remove water and dust from your iPhone or Android phone speaker. It’s an effective way to get your speaker back to working correctly and remove water speaker

How can I get water out of my speaker?

If your phone gets wet, the first thing you should do is turn it off to stop a short circuit. Use a dry cloth or paper towel to wipe away any moisture on the phone’s surface. Also, make sure to remove water from the phone’s speaker to prevent damage. (You can use like a web app tool to eject water from your speaker)

Don’t use a charger or blow dryer and avoid pressing any buttons or keys. Blowing into the phone can make things worse, so it’s best to take it to a repair shop.

Eject Water Out of Your Phone Speaker

Fix 1: Visit tap on the “Eject💨💦” button to Eject water and fix the problem.

fix my speaker online

Fix 2: Dry it with a lint-free cloth. Use a paper towel or washcloth to remove as much water as possible from the phone’s surface, including the charging port, headphone jack, SIM tray, and other small areas.

Fix 3: Use a desiccant like rice or silica gel to absorb moisture from the phone. Leave the phone and battery in a bowl of rice overnight to help remove any remaining moisture. (This fix is not recommended because sometimes it can make the damage worse by rice or silica gel entering inside your phone speaker or camera)

If you still have problems with your phone’s speaker, wait a few hours and then contact Support or take it to an authorized repair shop for repair.

Speaker Cleaner Sound Dust

If you’re a music lover, you know how important it is to have high-quality sound from your speakers. But over time, dust and debris can build up on your speaker leading to muffled or distorted sound. That’s where our website comes in – we use a specific tone that generates sound waves which removes the dust particles from your phone’s or your device’s speaker and will improve your speaker’s sound quality a lot.

Here are the steps to remove dust particles from your phone once you have opened the website on your phone.

  1. Disconnect your phone from any Bluetooth speaker or Earbuds.
  2. Increase your phone’s volume to a maximum level to create vibrations that can remove dust particles that may be trapped in your phone’s speaker.
  3. Tap or Click on the “Eject💨💦” button and wait for 3 mins or more.
  4. Repeat this step until you see no more dust coming out of your speakers so that you can increase the quality of your speakers.

Will putting the phone in rice fix the speaker?

Unfortunately, there is no guarantee. It’s not a sure thing that you can save your phone if it gets wet, but water is not as bad as salt water. If your phone gets a little wet, it’s better than if it gets soaked for a long time.

Here are some tips to try to save your phone:

  • Turn it off immediately or as soon as possible.
  • Get rid of as much water as you can, and try to open up your phone as much as you can. Take out the battery and shake out more water. Shake your phone in different directions to get the water out.
  • You can also use compressed air to blow out any water.
  • Rice can help absorb moisture, so you can put your phone in a bowl of rice. You can also use silica gel packets if you have them.
  • Warmth and air circulation can also help dry out your phone if you don’t have any rice or silica gel packets.
  • Wait at least a day before turning your phone back on, and make sure it’s completely dry.

There’s no guarantee that these tips will work, but they can give you a better chance of saving your phone. By the way, if you save silica gel packets, you can dry them out in the oven if they get damp.

How To Dry Phone Speaker

Have you guys ever dropped your phone in the toilet, pool, or sink or got caught in the rain and then realized that your phone speaker isn’t working properly? Don’t worry, there are some easy ways to fix it.

One of the most effective methods to dry your phone speaker is by using a vacuum cleaner. Simply turn on the vacuum cleaner and place the nozzle close to the speaker, if it doesn’t work follow the steps below to pick my speaker.

  • To start with visit
  • Then Click on the “Eject💨💦” Button
  • Keep playing the sound for at least 4 minutes

Methods for Fixing Phone Speaker Issues

The table given below shows the methods and their effectiveness in fixing your phone’s speaker, there are so many methods and their effectiveness shown in the table below my fix speaker.

MethodsEffectiveness – Eject Water ButtonClears water from speaker effectively – Dust EjectionRemoves dust particles from speaker
Sound Waves to Remove DustRemoves dust particles, but less specific
Rice or Silica GelNot recommended for drying
Vacuum Cleaner MethodEffective for drying speaker
Fan DryingMight help in certain cases
Leaving Phone to Dry NaturallySlow and may not be fully effective
Sound for Water in Charging PortIneffective for charging port

Fix My Speaker Dust

There’s nothing more frustrating than encountering a problem with the device’s speakers. Among the most common issues is the buildup of dust in the speakers, which can significantly impact the audio quality and lifespan of your device’s speaker. You can easily fix my speaker dust android by Following the steps below to remove the dust particles from your device’s speaker.

  • Visit website and disconnect the headset if you are using them increase the volume of the device to maximum and click on the “eject” button on the website, after clicking the button a sound will play leave your device for 1 to 3 minutes the ultra-low frequency sound will eject all the dust particles from your speaker easily.

Fix My Speaker Online

Using fix my speaker online you can eject water and dust particles from your phone’s speaker it can also increase your speaker quality. The fix my speaker online helped me to clear my speaker and saved my phone’s speaker from dust. Fix my speaker online is one of the best online speaker cleaner to fix my speakers.

How to get Water out of the Phone Charging Port?

Your phone gets wet you search for help online and finds a video that says sound to get water out of your charging port millions of views. This has to work right. But your wrong sound can be used to remove water from speakers but not charging ports. There are many sensitive components in your phone and if water stays in these areas, it can cause corrosion and failure.

How to get Water out of Phone Charging Port

Here’s what you should do instead. First, turn off your device and remove any protective cases. Then use a paper towel to dab the phone dry or carefully dry it with a fan. Avoid heat and skip the rice trick. Let it sit in a cool dry place for 24 to 48 hours with the charge port facing down. Now try to power it back on. If you’ve tried these steps and still need a little help, visit the nearest mobile repair shop to schedule a repair.

My Speaker Fix

You can easily my speaker fix or repair my speaker using the fix my speaker website, just visit the website and click on the eject button to eject water and dust from your phone’s speaker and you can also clear my speaker using this method. Our website is the best website to fix my speaker dust so many users are using our website daily and people also search फिक्स मी स्पीकर and clear my speaker to visit our website to fix myspeaker.

Speaker Cleaner is one of the best speaker cleaner in the world so many users have fixed their phone’s speaker using our website. 100 thousand users are using our website every month to clean their speakers.

Fixing Common Speaker Problems

Speaker IssueRecommended Action
Speaker Sounds Muffled or Distorted1. Visit and tap the “Eject💨💦” button to remove water and dust
2. Use a vacuum cleaner nozzle near the speaker to remove moisture and dust
Speaker Not Working1. Turn off the device immediately to prevent further damage.
2. Visit to eject water and try to dry the speaker.
Speaker Produces No Sound1. Ensure the device is not on silent mode and the volume is up.
2. Clean the speaker using to remove dust and water.
Speaker Quality ReducedUse to eject water and enhance sound quality.
Speaker Making Strange NoisesVisit to clear water and foreign particles, If unusual noises persist, consult a technician for further examination.
Speaker Distorted After Water ExposureUse to eject water and dry the speaker, Avoid using heat or rice as they may worsen the damage if distortion continues, and seek professional repair


Is this tool Safe to use on any type of Phone or Speaker?

Yes, this tool is safe to use on any type of phone or speaker. It has been designed to be compatible with a wide range of mobile devices and can safely remove water from your device without causing any damage.

It is also important to note that if your phone or speaker has suffered extensive water damage, it may not be fixable with this tool and may require professional repair.

Can I use the Tool if my Phone or Speaker has already been Damaged by Water or Dust?

It is possible to use the tool if your phone or speaker has already been damaged by water or dust. Note, however, that the tool is designed to prevent water and dust damage, not to repair it.

It may be necessary to replace or repair your phone or speaker if it has suffered significant damage. To help prevent future damage, you should use the tool regularly to help maintain the health of your phone or speaker.

Can the tool also Clean other parts of my Phone or Speaker?

No, the web tool is specifically designed to clean and eject water and dust from the speaker of your phone or speaker. It is not possible to use the tool to clean other parts of your phone or speaker.

If you are looking to clean other parts of your phone or speaker, it is recommended to use other methods specifically designed for that purpose.

What will Happen if your Phone falls in Water?

If your phone gets wet, it can be damaged internally, the screen and touch features may stop working, or worse. To reduce the damage, you can do some things right away.

-Turn off your phone right away
-Gently shake it to get rid of any water
-Put it in a container of rice or an airtight container
-You can also use Fix My Speaker Web App to remove water from your phone’s speakers after it has gotten wet.

What is Water Eject Sound?

The Water Eject Sound is a sequence of sounds that help to remove any water that might be left in the speaker of your device. This helps the speaker to produce clearer sounds.

How to you dry a Phone Speaker without Rice?

Instead of using rice to dry a wet phone, there are other things you can use such as instant couscous, oatmeal, crystal-based cat litter, and synthetic desiccant packets.

To dry your phone, put it in a big container and cover it completely with the drying agent you choose. Leave it there for 2-3 days. Once the phone is dry, wipe it off, put it back together, and see if it turns on.

How do I dry out my phone Quickly?

Use silica gel beads to help dry out a wet phone quickly:

1. Quickly get your phone out of the water and turn it off to prevent any short-circuiting.
2. Use a towel that doesn’t shed lint to dry the outside of your phone as much as possible.
3. Put your phone in a big container that has a lid.
4. Fill the container with silica gel beads and seal the lid tightly.
5. Wait for at least 72 hours to give the silica gel beads time to absorb the moisture from your phone.
6. Take your phone out of the container and try turning it on. If it doesn’t turn on, try charging it before attempting to turn it on again.

How to Eject Water from Your iPhone?

iPhones can get water inside the speaker grills when exposed to water. Apple Watch has a built-in water eject feature, but iPhones don’t have this feature. A Siri shortcut called “Water Eject” can be used to push water out of the iPhone’s speaker grills using low-frequency sound. The Water Eject Siri shortcut works with iOS 16 and can be added to the iPhone’s shortcut library. Water droplets stuck in the iPhone speaker grilles can be harmful to the iPhone, so it’s great to have a Siri shortcut to solve the problem, but there are other methods available as well.

You can also use the FixMySpeaker.Online web app to eject water from any phone speaker.

How do you Clean Dust out of Speakers?

To clean your speakers quickly and easily, you will need two microfiber cloths and one can of compressed air. Before you start cleaning, remove any jewelry and blow down the cabinet with the compressed air.

Wet one of the microfiber cloths with lukewarm water and wring it out well, making sure to avoid folds or stitching to create a smooth surface. Gently wipe the speaker with the moist cloth, being careful not to touch the tweeter. Finally, use the dry microfiber cloth to finish cleaning the speaker.


Fix My Speaker is an excellent web app tool that can help you get rid of water and dust trapped in your phone’s speakers. It produces sound waves at an ultra-low frequency of 165Hz, which removes dust and water from your phone’s speaker.

This web app tool is easy to use and can effectively restore your phone’s speaker to working properly again (not guaranteed, but it will help to reduce the damage). The solution cannot guarantee that your phone will be saved if it gets wet, but it can increase your chances. Overall, Fix My Speaker is a valuable tool that every smartphone owner should have in case of any speaker-related issues.