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Best Speaker Dust Cleaning Sound


Fix my speaker Benefits:

– Special sound waves push water and dust out of speakers – Works directly in web browser, no app download needed – Includes 3+ different cleaning sounds

How It Works

Fix My Speaker is a web app. Open the site and tap a button to play water-removing sounds. The sound waves shake and dislodge stuck water or debris out of the speakers.

After a cleaning, speakers sound crisp and clear again. The technology is safe for all phones. Fix My Speaker is a handy way to revive your speakers after water damage or clogging issues.

Try our free sonic cleaning sounds now. A few quick buzzes can get your speakers working like new!

Speaker Dust Cleaning Sound

What is Fix My Speaker?

Fix My Speaker is a free online tool that plays special sounds to remove dust, water and debris that may be stuck inside your smartphone speakers.

It works by producing ultrasonic sound waves that vibrate and dislodge particles gently without any risk of damage.

How Does it Work?

Fix My Speaker is a web-based tool that can help you fix your phone's speaker without having to download any apps.

Once you tap the "Start Cleaning" button, it will play a short, patterned 165Hz tone tuned to vibrate stuck materials free.