How I Clean Every Opening of an iPhone

The openings on an iPhone can get pretty gunked up over time. As a phone repair person, I see a lot of iPhones with blocked or dirty charging ports, speakers, mute switches and earpieces. Here’s how I carefully clean each part to get iPhones working like new again.

Clean Every Opening of an iPhone

Charging Port

The charging port tends to collect the most gunk – mainly pocket lint and dust, but sometimes even cookie or pizza crumbs! Over time, debris in the port prevents the charging cable from seating properly. I have to wiggle the cable to get it to charge.

To clean the charging port, I use a dental pick to gently loosen and scrape out debris. I can see inside the port clearly with the pick in place. Once cleaned, the charging cable clicks in firmly again.

Speakers (iPhone)

Dust builds up in the speaker mesh, mixing with skin oils and grease to form a solidified waxy mess. I use a small brush to break it up, then vacuum out the debris. The speakers sound crisp and clear again.

Mute Switch

The mute switch gets packed with dust and moisture from hands over time. The switch often gets stuck in one position. Customers rarely ask me to fix it, though I’m not sure if they just don’t use it anyway. I use a dental pick and brush to clean the switch so it slides freely again.


Skin oils, makeup and dust accumulate in the earpiece mesh, slowly muffling the volume. Eventually calls are impossible without headphones or speakerphone. I put a drop of isopropyl alcohol on the mesh, gently scrub with a brush, and vacuum out the debris. Volume returns to normal.

In conclusion, with some careful cleaning of the openings, I can get customers’ iPhones looking and working good as new. Under the gunk, they’re just regular phones used by regular people living regular lives. A little maintenance keeps them running smoothly. Visit to know and read more article about fixing speaker and related issues.

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