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Don’t Panic: How to Quickly Remove Water from Your Phone Speaker with

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We’ve all experienced that sinking feeling when your phone accidentally takes a spill in water. Your heart drops as you realize your speaker could be compromised. But don’t panic! With the right techniques, you can likely remove any water from your iPhone or Android phone’s speaker and get it working properly again.

What is is an online tool that uses specialized sound frequencies to eject water from your phone’s speaker. All you need to do is:

  1. Turn your phone’s volume up to maximum.
  2. Visit and click the “Eject💨💦” button.
  3. Let the sound play for at least 60 seconds as it vibrates out the water.

It’s a quick, easy way to clear moisture without causing damage.

Tips for Drying Your Speaker

While is great for a quick water eject, you may need to take additional steps to fully dry your phone’s speaker:

  • Immediately turn your phone off if wet and remove any case, SIM card, etc. This prevents short circuiting.
  • Use a vacuum on low suction or a can of compressed air to remove excess moisture from the speaker grill.
  • Place your phone in a bag or bowl of uncooked rice or silica gel packs. They will help absorb any remaining moisture.
  • Carefully use a hairdryer on low heat setting to dry your speaker. Keep it moving to prevent damage from concentrated heat.
  • Allow your phone to air dry naturally for at least 24-36 hours in a warm, dry location. Be patient!

When to Seek Professional Help

If none of these DIY methods work and your speaker still isn’t functioning properly, it’s best to take your phone to a professional repair shop. A technician can fully diagnose and fix any hardware issues caused by water exposure.

Prevention is Better Than Cure

To avoid water damage in the future:

  • Keep your phone away from sinks, pools, rivers, etc.
  • Use a waterproof case or plastic bag as protection.
  • Avoid handling your phone with wet hands.
  • Don’t bring your phone into the bathroom when showering.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does work to remove water? plays specialized sound frequencies that vibrate and eject water out of your phone’s speaker grill. Just turn up your volume and let it play for at least 60 seconds.

Is it safe to use a hairdryer to dry my phone?

Using a hairdryer is generally safe if you are very careful, keep it on a low heat setting, and hold it several inches away to prevent overheating. Move it continuously to avoid damaging any one spot.

What kind of rice should I use to dry my phone?

Uncooked white rice works best to absorb moisture. Simply place your phone in a bowl or bag of dry rice so it can draw out any water.

How long should I leave my phone in rice?

Let your phone sit in the rice for at least 24 hours. For very wet phones, 48 hours or more may be needed.

Can I use for other devices? is designed specifically for smartphone speakers. It may work for some other small electronic devices, but results aren’t guaranteed.

Is it possible to fully repair a water-damaged speaker?

In most cases, DIY methods like can restore a speaker to working order after light water exposure. But heavily damaged speakers may need professional repair or replacement.

What are signs my speaker is too far gone?

If you still hear distortion, buzzing or cracking sounds from your speaker even after thorough drying, it likely has permanent damage requiring professional service.

How can I prevent water damage in the future?

Always keep your phone away from water and liquids. Use a protective case or dry bag when going near pools, lakes, etc. Never handle with wet hands or take into humid spaces like bathrooms.

What should I do if my phone won’t turn on at all after water damage?

DO NOT try to turn on a wet phone. Bring it to a repair shop immediately. Attempting to power on can short circuit and ruin electronic components.


With the help of and some DIY drying methods, you can likely salvage a water-damaged phone speaker. Act quickly after exposure and seek professional help if needed. And be sure to take precautions to keep your phone away from moisture whenever possible.

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